VidSec Systems is dedicated to the sales, installation and service of video surveillance systems.  From cost
effective basic systems to state of the art wireless systems, we can find a solution to your video security needs.

Safe room.  If you have a "special" room in your residence or business, upon entry, you can have the system email
you pictures of the entry event.  Great for observing critical locations without the knowledge of others.

Just some reasons to invest in a video surveillance system:
Industrial parks help prevent theft and vandalism.
Construction sites help prevent theft of valuable materials and false workman's comp claims.
Dental and pain management offices to prevent false claims.
Shopping centers to provide security for customers, prevent theft, apprehend criminals
Residential systems to maintain security and remote observation via the web.
Office buildings to provide security for employees
Entryway to gated communities and apartments.
St. Mary's, Calvert, Charles, Anne
Arundel, and Prince George's

Licensed and Insured.